chat is the future

Today there are more people using chat apps globally than traditional social networks. It's a shift so big, Facebook reinvented itself as a chat-first company; spending $22B to acquire WhatsApp, spinning out Messenger as a standalone app, and adding 1-to-1 messaging features to Instagram and other properties. As a medium, chat is unstoppable and will continue to shape how we communicate digitally in the years ahead.

We're the first to admit that great marketing on chat apps is harder to perfect than old school social marketing, but it's that challenge that makes what we do for our clients so much fun. Traditional social networks were designed for broadcast messaging, but people use chat for private conversations with the people they care about most. Figuring out how to add to those conversations in a way that's natural, exciting, and scalable takes true creativity and in-depth knowledge of features and user behavior on each platform.

Welcome to the party. We're excited you're here.

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