our philosophy

Emerging tech is only powerful for marketing and communication when used in the service of great ideas.  We make it our business to master both sides of this coin: the tech innovation expertise, and the creative and production capacity to build content that resonates with audiences on new platforms.  

Our journey began as pioneers in messaging app marketing, and over time we've expanded to handle traditional social media, advise on voice assistant platforms, and conduct research. That evolution started as a response to client requests, but eventually revealed a lasting insight: social media, messaging, and voice-assistant services are converging to form an increasingly fluid ecosystem we're uniquely positioned to help navigate.  

Rest assured, we believe in identifying trends early and often, but we're not suckers for hype-- and we don't peddle it to our clients.  You'll come to understand that for us, building trust with you, is always about doing great work we believe in on platforms that we're excited about.  As much as we love a good press release, we're not the company that shouts from the roof top that every new technology will completely transform the world.

Welcome to the party. We're excited you're here.