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If you don't have existing artwork, our in-house designers and animators can work with you to create stickers your fans will love. Or if you have your own artist but want our guidance on creative strategy, we’re here to help.




Once artwork and animation are complete, we handle the approvals and publishing process to get your stickers live.




Once the stickers are live, we can push updates to your app, adding or replacing stickers to keep users continuously engaged. 


unique interactivity


Your stickers can be used in iMessage conversation, but users can also drag them from the tray onto photos and speech bubbles.


You can use static stickers, animated stickers, or GIFs in your app – or a combination of formats.


You'll access a robust analytics dashboard to track app installs, impressions, revenue and a geographic audience breakdown.

why work with us on stickers?

We have strong relationship with messaging apps and GIF platforms, consistently leading  to feature placements for clients. You can even see our Major Lazer stickers in Apple’s “Sticker Fight” iPhone commercial (look out for Lazer at the end giving the thumbs up!). 

 As experts in chat marketing, we’ve published white papers and research to help various industries assess the opportunity for marketing and communication on chat platforms. Highlights include Columbia Journalism School’s “Guide To Chat Apps,” International Committee for the Red Cross’ “Humanitarian Futures For Messaging Apps,” and Knight Foundation’s “Chat The Vote: How Snapchat, Amazon, and Facebook Messenger Reimagined Civic Engagement in the 2016 Election."