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Snapchat: a new way to tell stories

Over 150 million daily users. Geofilters. Lenses. Discover content. Snapchat has become a place where brands, organizations and celebrities have to be. It's where you can take your audience behind the scenes, and show you as you. We're here to help. 



an inside look

Stories are the best way to connect to your audience, allowing you to string together an exclusive, chronological collection of photos and videos that each disappear after 24 hours. The format is so powerful that Instagram and Facebook also adopted it.  Here are a few stories we created for one of our clients, Bloomberg Philanthropies.





front and center

We offer geofilter design and media buying services for Snapchat. These visual overlays are available for Snapchat users to apply to their photos based on their location. Be it conference or concert, we can help you reach your audience at the right place with these fun snap-enhancers. Here are a few we've designed in the past.




snapchat's partner channels

A select group of media companies like CNN, Buzzfeed, and People create daily, swipe-able editorial content for Snapchat's Discover section. Unlike Snapchat Stories, Discover content is stylized and packaged, formats can include articles, listicles, videos and interstitials.  Here's an example of a Discover story we created.


we want to help you on Snapchat!