"We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps." 

--Mark Zuckerberg



gif stickers for stories

GIF stickers for Stories are kinda the best thing to ever happen to the internet, amirite? You can share them in your brand's own Stories, and your fans can use them in theirs.  Let us handle the animation, content strategy, and distribution to GIPHY, Instagram & Snapchat.


welcome to stories studio

Since January 2016, Story creation and consumption has increased roughly 700% -- with over 850 million social accounts using the feature daily across the major platforms. In 2017, the Stories year-over-year growth rate outpaced News Feed growth by 11 to 1.

Stories Studio specializes in training social media professionals to be expert Story-makers. We also offer full-service Story production, as well as animation and distribution services for GIF stickers and AR experiences.


The social media manager's dilemma

Story-making requires an entirely different skill set than crafting traditional News Feed posts. If you're a social media manager that finds the shift daunting, you're not alone.

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on-site training + workshops

Professional training workshops empower your social media team to make great content by teaching the fundamentals of effective Storytelling, layout design, platform-specific tools, as well as tips for increasing viewership and improving completion rates. We can provide support for content strategy planning, create custom branded graphics packages, and develop a style guide to build consistency in your Stories.

full-service stories production

Our full-service production team can create Stories for your Brand on an individual or ongoing basis. Elevate your social media presence with more frequent, more polished posts, featuring consistent and distinct style elements, branded graphics, animation, and expert Storytelling. We can edit and share footage from your event, build engagement with unique games, or teach your fans something new about you-- all with polish and style.

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geofilters+ Augmented reality

We offer geofilter design and media buying services for Snapchat. These visual overlays are available for Snapchat users to apply to their photos based on their location. Be it conference or concert, we can help you reach your audience at the right place with these fun snap-enhancers. 


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This report was published in May 2018. Some statistics and platform features have changed since that time.

This report was published in May 2018. Some statistics and platform features have changed since that time.

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